Through memories, specifically in relation to various settings, the poet seeks to gain a renewed sense of who his or may have been in a vanishing present. By either recovering, deconstructing or else discarding them, each poem examines locales in terms of motifs and codes the poet once adopted to clarify often elusive understandings of self and time. To purchase the book go here.
Each poem in this elegiac collection acts as a tread following the correct method of design and construction of a set of stairs the poet is building as a way to celebrate his younger brother Frank, a contractor who died of cancer while still in his forties. To purchase the book go here.
John’s essay, Living Between The Leaves, was published in the 2021 anthology Being Home, from Madville Publishing of Texas, edited by Sam Pickering and Bob Kunzinger. It can be purchased as a paperback edition or as a free Kindle on Amazon.
John’s newest collection of poems, Restless Vanishings, is available now from Leaf Garden Press: Poet Baron Wormser has written of this collection that the “language dazzles to a very real end; the exploration and delineation of the free-floating breakdown known as ‘America.’
Preacher Everett Micah Zachery narrates this novel of interconnected stories of heartbreak and joy, each one taken from a diverse group of parishioners at Glad Tidings Church in the Southeastern U.S. city of Belinda. Purchase on Amazon.
At the age of 35, Ruby L. Hermosa would like to know how her life became so complicated and difficult. The year is 2022, having survived in her native Manhattan during the Covid-19 lockdown, Ruby is now seeing herself and the city bounce back. Broadway plays and musicals are casting again, and so are movies.  Purchase on Amazon.
Danville, Virginia native and narrator James Robert Bradner, known as JB, is an octogenarian, widower, recovering alcoholic and Vietnam veteran with a passion for Western North Carolina’s history. As both love letter and elegy, he recounts daily life on a family farm and his friendship with a new arrival, a 13-year-old boy named Junior, chronicling in vivid detail one harvest season forty years ago on a farm run by brothers, Rod and Thorne Shepherd, paying homage to a vanished era and way of life. Purchase on Amazon.
False Positives is not a collection of poems or prose poems, but 65 of what author John Michael Flynn likes to call “uneasy hybrids,” each one started, refined and abandoned in one day, the whole collection written in 65 days while the author was under strict C-19 lockdown in Turkey.  Purchase on Amazon.
Published in 2020 by New Meridian Arts, this is John’s first book of nonfiction. These are travel essays that focus on experiences in various countries of Western Europe, as well as Russia, Romania, and Moldova. They encompass a time period that starts in the present and goes all the way back to 1980. Purchase How The Quiet Breathes directly from the publisher, or on Amazon.
The first novel of Basil Rosa’s Lotion State Trilogy, Eightball At Grady’s Palace East is an atmospheric detailing of life in Providence in 1979, blending friendships, love, low-level drug dealing and survival among a variety of young creative spirits loyal to a struggling Iranian immigrant.  To purchase book click here.
The second novel in Basil Rosa’s Lotion State Trilogy, Groovemasters Night At The Met Café is a retelling of Balzac’s Lost Illusions that takes place among the bohemian set of Providence, Rhode Island in 1981, chronicling one autumn of a May-September romance between actress Shura Levy and her younger suitor and aspiring actor, Ship C. Cusack.  To purchase book click here.
The third novel in Basil Rosa’s Lotion State Trilogy, No Tourists At The Cup Defenders is narrated by commercial fisherman Pee Wee Coyle who details the brief tragic life of 23-year-old Victor Silva, an aspiring fisherman killed defending his friend in a fight on Bowen’s Wharf in Newport, Rhode Island.  To purchase book click here.
705bbd1a-8a2d-4f90-8506-a514244b8dba John’s short story collection, Off To The Next Wherever, is now available online, at your local bookstore or directly from the publisher, Fomite Books This is John’s third short story collection.

Read Kathleen Coskran’s review of Off To the Next Wherever

download-1 John’s poetry collection, Keepers Meet Questing Eyes, is now from Leaf Garden Press at a review of John’s book, Keepers Meet Questing Eyes, written by David P. Miller for the Boston Area Small Press Poetry Scene:

Read a review from multi-award-winning author Mark Brazaitis of John’s poetry collection, Keepers Meet Questing Eyes:

Cities: A Book of Poems John’s poem Rolling A Hubcap Down Allens Avenue In Providence appeared in the Cities anthology from Chuffed Buff Books in London, available at
States6 John’s poetry chapbook, States And Items is now available from Leaf Garden Press at
COVER_EXAMPLE John’s second collection of short stories, Dreaming Rodin, is now available from Publerati at a review of Dreaming Rodin by Angela Thomas at Fantastic Books.Read Davida Chazan’s review of Dreaming Rodin at Yahoo Voices.Read Benjamin Woodard’s review of Dreaming Rodin in Necessary Fiction.
Cover Additions To Our Essential Confusion John’s poetry chapbook, Additions To Our Essential Confusion, available from Kattywompus Press.
These poems were written throughout the nineties before global economics, cellphones, The Internet, and fears of terrorism became commonplace. It was a time of exciting change, the former USSR having collapsed and much of Eastern Europe suffering painful yet hopeful upheavals. In the U.S., jobs were plentiful and soldiers weren’t being shipped off to foreign wars in large numbers.
Read John’s story “The Basking Shark” in the new anthology, “Prime Number Magazine Editors’ Selections”, Volume 1, 2012, from Press 53 at
Read John’s story “Boss Visa” in the Peace Corps Anthology,
“A Small Key Opens Big Doors.”
ISBN: 978-1609520038.
A Dozen Lemons In Autotropolis
ISBN 1589983270
from Pudding House PublicationsRead Douglas Holder’s 2005 review of John’s book, A Dozen Lemons In Autotropolis.
61p07a3ebbL._SL1000_ A Dozen Lemons In Autotropolis
Kindle Version
Westbound Freight
ISBN 1589983963
from Pudding House Publications
Wave And Metronome
ISBN 1589986504
from Pudding House Publications
Moments Between Cities
ISBN  0773428267
Moments Between Cities
Kindle Version
Washing Apples In Streams
ISBN  0967824206
Washing Apples In Streams
Kindle Version
Something Grand
Kindle Version
unheard scream
ISBN  0967824214
Anthology of Irish American Poetry, edited by Daniel Tobin
ISBN 9780268042301
“Mierla Domesticita”, “Blackbird Once Wild Now Tame” a book of poems from Moldovan poet Nicolae Dabija, translated by John in a bi-lingual Romanian/English format, published by Pure Heart Press/ Main Street Rag and Be Movie Press.
ISBN 0967824230
from Amazon.comKindle Version
John’s short story “The Four-Cent Tip” in the Journey anthology from Eden Waters Press, published in the autumn of 2009,