How the Quiet Breathes

Published in 2020 by New Meridian Arts, this is John’s first book of nonfiction. These are travel essays that focus on experiences in various countries of Western Europe, as well as Russia, Romania, and Moldova. They encompass a time period that starts in the present and goes all the way back to 1980.

Chila Woychik, Essayist, and Editor of the Eastern Iowa Review describes the collection this way:

“Duende and a sense of place often coexist, inspiration stemming from immersive geography. John Michael Flynn’s How the Quiet Breathes embodies this spark. From being meticulously searched by a German official on a train to drinking morning cognac with a Moldovan villager, this fascinating journey through John’s travels is as evocative as it is enlightening. There is depth in the conversations and humility in the lessons learned. There is laughter, embarrassment, and a transparent realization of the human heart. You’ll enjoy these poignant selections about people very much like us but in cultures vastly different from the American experience.”

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Witness Marks

Preacher Everett Micah Zachery narrates this novel of interconnected stories of heartbreak and joy, each one taken from a diverse group of parishioners at Glad Tidings Church in the Southeastern U.S. city of Belinda. Purchase on Amazon.


Milk Blossom Pushes Free

At the age of 35, Ruby L. Hermosa would like to know how her life became so complicated and difficult. The year is 2022, having survived in her native Manhattan during the Covid-19 lockdown, Ruby is now seeing herself and the city bounce back. Broadway plays and musicals are casting again, and so are movies. Purchase on Amazon.

God Wore Denim

Danville, Virginia native and narrator James Robert Bradner, known as JB, is an octogenarian, widower, recovering alcoholic and Vietnam veteran with a passion for Western North Carolina’s history. As both love letter and elegy, he recounts daily life on a family farm and his friendship with a new arrival, a 13-year-old boy named Junior, chronicling in vivid detail one harvest season forty years ago on a farm run by brothers, Rod and Thorne Shepherd, paying homage to a vanished era and way of life. Purchase on Amazon.


False Positives

False Positives is not a collection of poems or prose poems, but 65 of what author John Michael Flynn likes to call “uneasy hybrids,” each one started, refined and abandoned in one day, the whole collection written in 65 days while the author was under strict C-19 lockdown in Turkey.  Purchase on Amazon.

Lotion State Trilogy

Writing as Basil Rosa, John’s novels comprising the Lotion State Trilogy, published online by Flight Delay Books, are now available for purchase from Amazon, Smashwords, or Kobe. 

Off To The Next Wherever


Spank The Carp, Issue #47 features John in their Author Profile. Read it here: http://www.spankthecarp.com/profile_flynn.html 

Please click here to read Dr. Ben Sloan’s review of Off To The Next Wherever published in Rain Taxi, Winter 2016, Volume #21.

Read Kathleen Coskran’s review of Off To the Next Whereverhttp://peacecorpsworldwide.org/review-off-to-the-next-wherever/

Restless Vanishings

John’s newest collection of poems, Restless Vanishings, is available now from Leaf Garden Press: http://goo.gl/TTrC0h. Poet Baron Wormser has written of this collection that the “language dazzles to a very real end; the exploration and delineation of the free-floating breakdown known as ‘America.’ The range of tones and locales he uses is impressive but more impressive is the feeling invested in what almost inevitably slips through time’s fingers. Anyone wondering where the Whitmanesque impulse has gone need look no further than this encompassing book.”

Port Yonder Press

John is the featured nonfiction writer in the summer, 2015 issue of Eastern Iowa Review. Three of his essays are featured, as well as his photographs of Russia in 2015 and Moldova in the early 90s.
To order a copy, go to Port Yonder Press.

The Wrong Quarterly

The 2015 summer issue of The Wrong Quarterly, an international journal based in London, has published the Basil Rosa story, Shoulda Seen Me Up There in Missassauga. The quarterly can be found or ordered at bookstores worldwide, or else directly from The Wrong Quarterly.

Keepers Meet Questing Eyes

a full-length collection of poetry
by John Michael Flynn


Masks used on the cover were created by David Nader and generously donated to the author to use as part of the cover.

The image of the rustic window used on the cover was taken outside Zermatt, Switzerland, near the hamlet of Zmutt, and generously donated by the photographer, Dan Smyers

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Dreaming Rodin


Read John’s story “Boss Visa” in the new anthology,
“A Small Key Opens Big Doors.”
This anthology of stories celebrates the 50th anniversary of the
U.S. Peace Corps,
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Author photo by Aytuna Gamza Gürgüç.

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